Which iPad 3? 16 vs 32 vs 64 GB: Usage Scenarios, Experiences & Apps w main PC/Mac

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    Which iPad 3? 16 vs 32 vs 64 GB: Usage Scenarios, Experiences & Apps w main PC/Mac

    I believe a lot of people here have used the iPad 1, 2 and various versions of 16 vs 32 vs 64 GB scenario.

    - Some people here may have used only one of them
    - Some may have started with one (16) and gone up to (32)
    - Some may have had WiFi & later gone with 3G .. or others who got the 3G and realized they use WiFi more (with/ without MiFi)

    - Some may be using it exclusively as their primary computing device - From Browsing to Creating Content (Docs, PPTs, Excel, Notes, Office, Imaging, Specific Apps etc etc)
    - Some may be using it in tandem with a Desktop and/or Laptop that runs Windows or Mac or L*inux
    - Some may have more devices in their usage ecosystem - SmartPhone (iPhone/ Android/ BB) + Kindle/E-ink/ E-book Reader + iPad + Netbook/ Laptop/ Tablet PC + Workstation/ Desktop etc + (maybe a central Home Server/ Media Server .. e.g.)

    - Some may use it more for casual stuff while some use it more for official work, or some little bit of games.. some more.. some as a Productivity App/To do/ vs.. Some as a semi-book / magazine / occasional reader.. Some may use it quite a bit for MEDIA consumption (Music/ Video/ Movies.. TV Series..) when at home.. or when traveling?

    - some may be using it as a transition device for when in travel / transit or when relaxing on bed/ couch or.. just REVIEWING etc.. while their primary work / when on desk / office/ creating/editing the content/ data is another machine.. that runs Windows or Mac or L*inux

    - What kind of usage scenarios have you used for certain apps on iPad vs Main machine

    So based on the above examples.. do share your PAST & PRESENT experiences with the iPad in and around your Tech/ Computing eco system.. and do share your RECOMMENDATION.. on which direction you are going (thereby helping people with SCENARIO SIMILAR TO YOURS.. to choose the right one.. 16 vs 32 vs 64.. 4G/ WiFi)

    If there is such a similar thread or location where SEVERAL PEOPLE and SEVERAL EXAMPLES of such COMPARATIVE and VARYING .. USAGE SCENARIOS & PEOPLE EXPERIENCES have been outlined please do let me know.


    PS: In my experience, I have temporarily used iPad 1 belonging to 2/3 friends of mine for some casual short web surfing and usage. Some casual game experience.
    But, given my AFFINITY for High Screen Resolution Devices.. on my Laptops, Tablet PCs and 30" WQXGA (2560 x 1600), I chose to wait for the HIGH RES iPad..
    I did not have an impending need for it.. but now it might become a great MIDDLE GROUND luxury :) and/ or take on some of Laptop/ Tablet PC functionalities (simpler stuff.. maybe more complex)..

    ALSO: How would this change with people can add or who already have this external HDD hack to Jailbroken iPad

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