Where is all my data going?

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    Hi all,

    I tracked - via my service provider - my data consumption for a single day. This was for a day on which I did less than my average correspondence, social networking and browsing.

    My total data consumption for the day was 832.90MB with 357.83MB downloaded and 475.06MB uploaded. Now here is the part which concerns me, the uploaded data exceeds the downloaded data...

    While a few e-mags did become available which could explain the downloaded data, the data uploaded is a total mystery.

    I have a Dropbox account and do a daily backup and have a myriad of other apps loaded but what can possibly upload more data than the data which I consume?

    While there must be apps available showing actual data consumption, are there any apps out here which can actually track which apps are responsible for data consumption?

    Thanking you all for a fantastic forum.

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