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    I am confused as to the difference between camera roll and photo stream,if they seem to have the same photos. If i delete a photo from one does it remove it from the other?
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    Photo Stream is a temporary place that copies new photos between devices and computers. It only holds 1000 photos. If you go over that the old ones are deleted. It's main purpose is to make it easy to copy photos that were taken on one device to another.

    If you only have one device, or don't care about copying photos between devices, then you should turn it off. It's just a waste of space if you're not coping photos.

    Camera Roll is local storage for for the photos you take on that device. The only limit is the amount of available storage on your device.

    Deleting a photo from one has no affect on the other.

    However, deleting a photos from Photo Stream on one device will delete that photo from Photo Stream on all your other devices (that use the same iCloud account).

    More information about Photo Stream here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201317

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