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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by eduardo bianco, Jan 13, 2011.

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    Greetings everyone. I'm new here.
    I'm looking for a simple app, where I can put about 2500 pictures and later I can be able to find them buy their name (like i.e Africa 2009...or Italy...and see all of the pictures related) Can anyone please help me? I bought photo-sort but it didnt work. I would like to import all the pictures from my pc to my ipad w/ their names and be able to find them using search

    Tks a lot!
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    This sounds like it would solve your problem. It will put your pictures into folders that you can name as you please, makes finding them much easier.

    First, you should remove the pictures currently in the Camera Roll (Photos), so you won't be duplicating everything. You can do this by un-checking "Sync Photos from..." and syncing, this will delete all of the photos on the iPad

    You need to setup a folder, on your PC under "My Pictures", such as "iPad Pictures" and make all of the folders you want, with the pictures you want in them (copy, move or drag and drop, your choice), under that folder. Then go into iTunes, under PHOTOS and select "Sync Photos from" and change "My Pictures" to "Choose Folder" and then choose the folder you created "iPad Pictures" open it and select the folders you want to sync to the iPad. Then sync them.
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