Weak 3g signal on Globe using the new iPad.

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by sam2caps, Jul 16, 2012.

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    When i'm using My unit on cellular,using a Globe prepaid sim, and it can't connect to the 3g network.It's always on gprs, even though i know I'm near a laptop using Globe's 3g stick and has 3-4 bars of 3g signal. Ive tried it on different spots here in Manila, at home, UN taft corner, at España near UST, all there and the ipad was still on gprs. It was only 'til i was at Boni High Street in taguig, that the 3g sign went up.

    Yes, i've changed the APN settings to http.globe.com.ph since the default one(internet.globe.com.ph) was said to be only available for postpaid users.

    I have been trying to find ways on how to fix It, reboot, reset network settings, restore, and still none seem to work. I even went to a globe branch for support, and they Also couldn't help me.

    So, is there a fix? Is it a common problem? Or is it with the carrier?

    p.s. no problems with the wi-fi though.

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