wd cloud with ipad air, iphone 5s, appletv 2 and macbook pro

Discussion in 'iPad Air Forum' started by Bilal26, Mar 23, 2014.

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    Hi all. I am new to this forum.

    I have an ipad air, iphone 5s apple tv 2 with atv flash installed and macbook pro.
    I will now buy a wd cloud drive.

    I wonder how it is to stream movies to iphone and ipad with this? app wd cloud in appstore plays only formats that Apple has allowed. I want to play mkv, avi etc will be streaming slow? I want to stream over wifi and 3g 4g. I will use it to have pictures. I have to Oplayer hd and avplayer hd app can I connect wd cloud to them. to stream movies.

    apple tv 2 I have jailbroken and installed atv flash. have application infuse play. get my wd cloud stream movies to apple tv 2? will it be slow?

    does anyone have this drive? Anyone who has tried it I try?

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