Watch Out for New iCloud, MobileMe Phishing Scam

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 26, 2011.

By Maura on Aug 26, 2011 at 3:14 PM
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    MacRumors has a useful heads up today regarding a new phishing scam that is currently doing the rounds and might be on its way to an email inbox near you! The scam was picked up by some MacRumors readers, who received an email (pictured above) that has been made to look like it comes from Apple. The email takes advantage of the forthcoming transition from MobileMe to iCloud, by asking members to “update†their MobileMe subscription to iCloud by clicking on the link provided. Should you click on the link you will be prompted to enter various personal details, including credit card details, Apple Store account details, and your address. As ever, I’m sure most of you wouldn’t be fooled by this for a minute, but it might be worth warning any of your less-savvy friends and relatives out there who might not realise that it’s a scam.

    Source: New Phishing Email Targets MobileMe-iCloud Transition -

    Thanks to iCrank for the heads up.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 26, 2011.

    1. Ncaissie
      I can't believe people even fall for this stuff. Anyone can send an email from anyone.

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    2. Destroyer
      The same way people still fall for a money account in a bank in Nigeria..!!

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    3. thewitt
      Scam? You mean that guy won't be depositing $10,000,000 into my bank account from the diamond mines in Nigeria? And he told me he was the son of the deposed Sheik of Niger, the King of all East Africa! Why I sent him a money order for $5000US because he needed to get to Namibia in order to complete our transaction at the First Bank of England in person! He told me he would be coming to America to see me in person and I could pay him the 10% balance from the $10M then. He trusted me, so obviously I could trust him...

      ...and I have a friend who actually fell for a similar scam and lost $1k just like this...

      Not stupid, just very trusting and gullible.

      People we know will fall for this Mobile Me and iCloud scam just like they fall for the PayPal phishing scams every day. It's sad...

    4. apple2011
      The life is a process of learning how to distinguish which is the truth,the fake.the kind-heart,the envy,the beauty and the eyesore...
    5. jrcrewe
      What amazes me is how easy it is to phish and difficult it appears to be for
      legal authorities to 'sting' the phishermen.
    6. Ncaissie

      So true. But the biggest problem is that a lot of these guys are in third world countries. :mad:
    7. wytey
      Always check the email address it comes from, they get very clever, then again, any emails asking for money I just delete

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    8. jrcrewe
      Members of my family have been effectively phished twice by persons in North America using phished credit card info to receive their purchases at North American addresses.

      In both cases a sting operation would have at the very least caught someone receiving those illegal purchases.
    9. Ncaissie
      Email doesn't mean anything. Like I said, I can send you an email from an you would never know it came from me.
      They fake the email then suck you in by telling you to open a web page and entering your info. Which is used to gain access to what ever site or bank the info is for.

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