Watch Conan O’Brien Spoof Samsung’s Protestations That They Don’t Copy Apple

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    iMore writes today about a really funny video that appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show last night, which aside from making you laugh and ringing very true, is evidence of just how much of a story the current Apple vs Samsung court case has become. Conan starts off by explaining a little about the dispute, telling his audience that Samsung has made the video in order to prove that it is not copying Apple, or as the title of the video says: “Samsung Calls BS On Apple’s Charges of Copying.†In the spoof video, you see a supposed Samsung exec introducing pictures of Samsung products that he says “bear no similarity†to Apple’s products, accompanied by laughter from the audience when a Samsung phone is shown next to an iPhone, and a Samsung tablet is compared to an iPad, again with much laughter from the audience. The video then shows various Samsung products for the home, including Macrowave ovens, VacPro vacuum cleaners, and iWasher washing machines. Next we have the spoof Samsung retail stores, staffed by Samsung Smart Guys, and finally a picture of Samsung’s founder, Stefan Jobes. Check it out if you fancy a laugh!

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    I don't know what to think of this. Clearly, Apple has had a big impact of late on the computing sense. It is the pacesetter, so truth be told, how can they not expect people to follow them. They obviously found a formula for success and people aren't going to sit around and just keep doing stuff the same old way. I'm so happy to use Wintel machines starting to look like Macs. That means you get both form and function from the devices, whereas for years it seems that Windows boxes were just ugly. It was so sad. Then folks woke up and now the cat is out of the bag. Apple and Samsung are heavy weights, duking it out in the courts and also working together to make products. I can see it both ways....on the one hand you have to protect your patents or they mean nothing...but on the other, elements of the best of everything gets noticed by everyone and the influences start to show up. The problems start when it becomes clear that no one company can ride at the top forever. Sooner or later even the mighty Apple will start to have a hard time being innovative in the face of stiff competition. Thems is the way of things.

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