Walk-in purchases of Retina iPad mini now allowed in Apple Stores

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    The iPad Mini 2 is an elusive device because of its short supply, so if you were looking to buy one but still haven’t managed to do it, maybe now is the right time. Walk-in purchases of Retina iPad Mini at Apple Retail Stores are finally possible, according to a new report from MacRumors. Eric Slivka from the same publication says the following:

    This doesn’t mean that bottlenecks in the supply chain are over with, as Apple is still facing supply constraints. But now, if you can’t wait for your iPad Mini with Retina display to arrive at your home, you can walk into an Apple Store and purchase a Retina iPad mini without ordering online first.

    Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White said the following:

    Apple has also updated its iPad retail page in order to encourage customers to purchase in-store, rather than specifically noting that they should purchase the Retina iPad mini online.

    Source: MacRumors

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