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    How do I set up VPN on my iPad 3 plus what does VPN do
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    Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are often used within organizations to allow you to communicate private information securely over a public network. You may need to configure VPN, for example, to access your work email on an iOS device. VPN works over both Wi-Fi and cellular data network connections.
    iOS devices work with VPN servers that support these protocols and authentication methods.
    For basic information on how to configure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to use VPN, see the User Guide for your device.
    Configure VPN

    Choose Settings > General > Network > VPN and then choose Add VPN Configuration. Ask your network administrator which settings to use. In most cases, if you've set up a similar VPN on your computer, you can use the same VPN settings for your device.

    Turn VPN on or off

    Once you've created a VPN configuration, the option to turn VPN on or off appears in the main Settings screen. When you are connected using VPN, the VPN icon appears in the status bar.

    Note: If you use multiple VPN configurations, you can switch between configurations using Settings > General > Network > VPN.

    Troubleshooting VPN

    If you are unable to connect to your VPN connection, or if you see an alert that says "Shared Secret is missing," your VPN settings may be incorrect or incomplete. If you have questions about what your VPN settings are or what your Shared Secret key is, you should contact your network administrator or IT Department.

    Additional Information

    For more information regarding VPN, please visit the iPhone Enterprise Support Page, iOS Enterprise Integration page, or the Apple iOS Developer Library.

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    I just deleted your other post as it was a duplicate of this one. Please do not do this since it makes it hard for other members to read and help you if there are multiple threads of the same topic present. It is also against forum rules.


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