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    Hi there,

    Work is taking me away from home for a while and I'm hoping to keep in touch with my children with FaceTime.

    My problem is this, when I give the kids the iPad their mum is just as likely to try and sell it or claim it as her own. I really want to get my kids one and secure it down so she can do almost nothing with it that interests her.

    My plan is (and I'd appreciate some expert advice) I want to set up a VPN that would allow remote access and I could drop files onto their iPad. Films books etc. Also so I can keep an eye on what they area browsing.

    Secondly I want to put anything of importance into a secured folder:-

    Address book
    App store

    I think this would stop the adding of extra email accounts, adding of other people to address book etc.

    1. So I guess I want to know... how achievable is this?

    2. How secure would this be? Factory resets should be impossible if the settings folder is hidden away.. right?

    3. Is there any other factors I should consider while doing this?

    4. Should I put restrictions on Facebook, Twitter etc too? My kids are too young for that.

    5. Finally, would there be another tablet that would deliver this better than an iPad?

    I know this sounds like Im a control freak. I'm not really, I just want this to be a tool for communication with my kids. I want them to call me up and say "Hey Dad can you get me this" etc. I just want to be involved a little. (whilst making it difficult for my ex to use)

    Thanks in advance
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    It'll be extremely difficult to accomplish it all unless you nail or drive the iPad into the wall so that she has no means of access to it, because frankly, she could turn the device off, leave it unplugged for it to drain out, or just take it away from the kids and put it aside. Sure she may not be able to use it, but the same would go for your end as well from her perspective. You can limit the iPad, but the problem is physical access, not really software access.

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