VLC for iPad submitted to App Store

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Sep 9, 2010.

By JohnnyApple on Sep 9, 2010 at 12:05 PM
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    We can only hope that the VLC App that was submitted to the app store this morning will get a quick approval. A group called Applidium is working with the VLC group to make this app a reality.

    What exactly is VLC? VLC is short for Video Lan Client, a very popular and cross platform video playing tool that can pretty much handle any type of file/codec that you throw at it.

    It works great on Mac, Windows and Linux and we can hope that the stability in the iOS platform is just as good. We recently told you about CineXPlayer but we think VLC has the potential to be even better.

    You can follow the tweets for this event on the videolan Twitter page here: VideoLAN (videolan) on Twitter

    Applidium can be followed here: Applidium (applidium) on Twitter

    While your at it, why not also follow iPadForums' twitter account here: iPad Forum (iPadForums) on Twitter


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Sep 9, 2010.

    1. iDan
      Wow, this would be a great app on the iPad.. Hmm.. I just wonder what the chances are Apple will reject it?
    2. Saundman
    3. pallentx
      i would be surprised if it gets through
    4. haz2901
      I would hazard a guess that even if it doesnt get through, it could possibly appear on the cydia store
    5. iPad-Sweden
      With the risk to be a party-pooper I have to mention the "OPlayer HD" with this features:

      - Play almost any video formats on your iPad. (WMV/AVI/MKV /RM/RMVB/XVID/mp4/3GP/MPG/)
      - Play almost any audio formats on your iPad. (MP3/WMA/RM/AAC)
      - Support audio/video streaming over HTTP. (through WIFI or 3G)
      - Support USB download files by iTunes.(need update iTunes to V9.1)
      - Easily wifi transfer to download media files from your PC to your iPad.
      - Support FTP Client to download media files to your iPad.
      - Build in web browser to download media files.
      - Support ".sub" subtitle, if you only have ".srt" subtitle file, you can use Text2VobSub to convert ".srt" file to ".sub" file.


      Have used It daily for a while now and It's a great stable player.
    6. pallentx
      sweet. That looks pretty cool.
    7. Dbolen888
      Flash ?

      Will this puppy solve the Flash problem ?
    8. gentlefury
      No, unless you have an exact link to the FLV....I'm pretty sure it can play them.

      I personally use Air Video for all videos tho...I don't find a need for them to take up space on my iPad when I can stream them at awesome quality over the internet. And VLC won't play HD MKV files....so air video is still the way to go.

      This might be good tho if it can play safari video links.

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