Virginia Beach McDonald’s Gives Customers iPad Usage With Their Burgers!

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    Boy Genius Report writes that a newly opened McDonalds in Virginia Beach is the first fast-food restaurant of its type in the US to provide customers with free iPads that they can use when eating in the restaurant. According to The Virginia-Pilot, the owner of the McDonald’s, Hugh Fard, got the idea at a McDonald’s convention in Florida, when he met with people from a French company which kits out international McDonald’s restaurants with iPads, and thought it would work really well in the US too. McDonalds already provide free Wi-Fi, but Fard says that he has noticed that customers now stay even longer since the introduction of the iPads. BGR says that Fard made no comment about whether or not the iPads get greasy after the burger-eating customers have been using them! It sounds like this move has been a great success in this one US restaurant, so maybe we can expect them to appear in McDonalds throughout the US eventually?

    Source: iPad adoption: McDonald's Virginia Beach offers complimentary use
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    Yeah you can eat a big mac while checking online for the total fat and calories of said big mac.

    What 60 grams of fat and 1000 calories I'm going to subway!!!

    Still cool though that they did that.

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