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    Seems every time I try to do something with my iPad, I run into a road block. Maybe someone here can help me with some suggestions. I am (was, now that the season is over) the un-official photographer for my grandsons football team. Well, this year we had an awesome game that was played during a nor'easter here in New England. I got about 250 photos that I made into a music video using Slideshow HD on my iPad. However it is a very large file. So large in fact that I can not email it, upload to Picasa Web Albums, or to YouTube.

    I would like to keep as much quality as I can. Making the video under 100 Meg's is my goal, so I can at least upload it to the places mentioned above. I do not have the use of a computer. So is there an online web site, or an app that would make this video smaller?

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Thank you.

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