Veteran Game Developer Says the iPad is “the Best Gaming Machine on the Planet Todayâ€

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    TUAW reports on a speech given by veteran game developer, Trilobyte's Graeme Devine, at GDC 2011 last week, where he specifically addressed the iPad and iPad 2 as gaming devices, proclaiming the iPad to be “the best gaming machine on the planet today.†He went on to say that the first time he held an iPad, “I felt like I was holding something from science fiction in my hands. It was different from any other experience I’ve had before.â€

    Using the forthcoming iPad remake of one of his own Mac games, Clandestiny, Devine went on to illustrate how clumsy the puzzle-solving was on his old Mac game, compared to how smoothly and easily it works with the iPad's control interface.

    According to TUAW, Devine had a lot of advice for fellow developers as to how they could improve iPad gaming, saying they should think about using something other than the virtual dual-stick layout, which he said was a lazy way of porting controls to the iPad from other devices, although during questions later on he admitted that he didn’t have his own alternative to this method as yet. Devine concluded by saying that once developers do manage to work out a better, more-intuitive, control system, “we’ll all go ‘ah, so that’s how to do it.’ And then we’ll all copy it.â€

    Source: TUAW GDC 2011: Graeme Devine on the iPad for gaming

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