Vampire Origins Reloaded HD Gets Massive Update and Celebratory Price Drop

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    Chillingo’s Vampire Origins HD for iPad has had a big update today, including new crusades, vampires, achievements and much more, including those all-important bug fixes. It’s even got a fancy new name, with “Reloaded†added to the title! One of the main features of the update is a brand new mode, Gun Range, where you get to play through recently-resurrected hero Vincent’s eyes as he takes on the relentless Vampire hordes.

    The darkly gothic storyline revolves around Vincent’s quest to avenge the death of his wife, who was murdered by a vampire. If you like gothic vampire games, then this is right up your gloomy alley, with gorgeously detailed character models, thrilling boss fights based on actual sword fighting techniques, and full integration with Crystal, Chillingo’s social network.

    Vampire Origins HD was already impressive enough without the update, but now it’s even better, and at a bargain price too for a limited time of £0.59/$0.99.

    Come grab your vampire action here.

    Source: Chillingo, iTunes

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