USPTO drops objection to the “iPad mini†trademark

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    Apple might have no problem getting hold of most of the patents and trademarks it needs to secure the integrity of its products, but last week, the U.S Patent and Trademark Office dismissed the “iPad mini†filing.

    It wasn’t a rejection per se, but the attorney in charge of examining the trademark had a few objections, all related to the word “mini†which apparently is used by other products as well. However, starting this week, these objections have been put to rest. Some clarifications have been added. In order to be granted the trademark - a mere extension of the “iPad†one, the company must specify that it is not using the word “mini†in a “merely descriptive†way, but as to highlight a unique product.​​

    “This Office action supersedes any previous Office action issued in connection with this application. Upon further review of the application, the examining attorney has determined that the following refusal issued in the initial Office action should be withdrawn. The examining attorney apologizes for any inconvenience caused.â€

    Nevertheless, the new document doesn’t give the green light fully to Apple, so there might be a while until the trademark arrives safely in the arms of Cupertino. It highlights that the trademark might be still denied, if some other companies’ applications, which also wish to use the word “mini†in naming their products, are granted. Apple is also advised to add as a specification in its application that it only seeks to use the word “mini†where the “iPad mini†is concerned and nowhere else.

    Source: AppleInsider


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