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    dear all

    i connected by brother's mini ipad to my computer to sync some videos from
    my pc to his ipad. in doing so, some how the settings have been changed.
    the photos which were there are now missing.

    further, when the ipad was opened with wi-fi at my brother's place, it worked
    well but not with his apple id.

    when i tried to download some games, it asked for pass word of "x" apple id.

    i shall be thankful if some one suggests how to change the settings with a
    new name and password so that apps can be download in my brother's ipad.

    thanking you,

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    I can only guess what has happened when you synced your brother's iPad to your PC (and supposedly your iTunes store there).

    The iPad is designed to sync to one computer at a time. By syncing his iPad to your PC, you erased his content and replaced it with yours, I think. If he has a recent backup, his pictures,... can be restored.

    What he needs is his Apple ID on his iPad, otherwise he'll have to buy the apps that he already purchased again.
    What you could try first, is to make sure his Apple ID is visible in Settings - iTunes & App Store, then go through his network settings (Settings - Wi-Fi) and set up his connection again. Also, look through all the settings on his device and choose what he prefers enable/disable.

    It would be "easier" to set it up as new and restore it from a backup with your brother's Apple ID:
    Please make sure to use his computer this time, if restoring through iTunes.
    Your videos will be removed, but his content should be there again.
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