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    Hi Folks,

    I work in live audio with an Ipad 3 controlling a digital mixer connected to a router.

    The routers are all Asus: an RT-N66, an RT-AC66 in another venue, and an RT-AC68 in a third venue.

    The Ipad connects fine to the RT-AC68.
    With the RT-N66 and AC66 it initially does not connect, and wants me to log in to the router and change settings, and then after about a minute I get a message
    "Use without internet?" which I select and everything works fine.

    I have tried to turn off all updates, though it seems like some apps are still trying to update, but this isn't an issue on the AC68.

    Can you please let me know Ipad or router settings that will resolve this?

    Thanks and good health, Weogo Reed


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