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    Jan 10, 2012
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    My iPad2 is jaibroken, but I would like to upgrade IOS to 5.1, the question is do I have to restore the iPad before I caqn upgrade or can I just download the upgrade, if I download the upgrade does this destroy the JailBreak?
  2. Semel

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    Yes! Update=No jailbreak.
  3. Gabriel1

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    If you upgrade you lose your jailbreak unfortunately. The only jailbreak available of iOS 5.1 is for iPad 1 tethered.

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  4. f4780y

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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Hi, just to clear this all up for you.

    If you want to move from 5.0.1 jailbroken to 5.1 you need to do a few things.

    1. Backup your device, either using iTunes or iCloud (depending on which you chose for your device).
    2. Once you know you have a backup, connect the iPad to iTunes and press the "restore" button. This will install 5.1 on your iPad2, but of course you will lose your jailbreak, and any JB apps or tweaks you installed from Cydia. Just like the App Store, if you bought any of those tweaks or apps then you own them forever. If you jailbreak again in the future you can install them again without charge.
    3. Once the device is restored, you then restore your backup. If it is on iCloud, you are asked if you want to restore your iCloud backup when you initialise the iPad after 5.1 is installed. If your backup is in iTunes it will ask you if you want to restore when you connect the iPad to your PC after it is first initialised. If you restore your backup you will have all your App Store apps, and data restored to your device. The only thing missing will be the jailbreak (which is expected!).

    Just remember, once on 5.1 there is no way back to 5.0.1. If you decide you want a jailbreak back, you may have a long wait of several months for new one to be developed. Nobody knows for sure. But of course, the choice is entirely up to you. Only you know if you need to new features and 5.1 exclusive apps more than the jailbreak. I'm very lucky to have multiple devices which I can experiment with :)

    Hope that helps.

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