Upcoming Apple Watch Update Could Bring Sleep Tracking and other Important Features

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    The Apple Watch is an amazing device, and early reviews are pretty positive towards Apple's first wearable product. However, since we're talking about the first smartwatch for Apple, naturally, there are several downsides, some related to the software, others to the hardware. But a fresh report coming from 9to5Mac informs that a future update is going to fix a lot of the current problems.

    There are many 'missing features' which should be present in the Apple Watch, and it seems that a major software update is going to fix this. The upcoming update will improve the Apple Watch security (new Find my Watch feature), connectivity with other Apple devices, health and fitness features, Wi-Fi capabilities, and integration with third-party applications.

    Furthemore, it seems that the Apple TV could also be updated with Apple Watch integration. If you're more interested in the health aspect, you should know that sleep tracking could be added, as well. However, there's a chance that some of these new features will require new hardware, as well, so we're wondering whether Apple will wait until the next-generation or it will just update the upcoming ones.

    Maybe it's too early to look at the WWDC event and hope for a major software update for the Apple Watch, but who knows what's on their agenda. Let's just hope that these new features will be deployed before the second-gen Apple Watch gets unveiled.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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