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    I need to come up with a business idea and create a proposal for it, and I need a little help.

    First off the idea is a location based shopping app, but a little different to others, it will be on both iPad and iPhone, no sure what pricing will be maybe go with ad based? (What do you think?)

    1. Shopping list has an 'intelligent AI' you type in milk it will prompt you with 'what about teabags?, Sugar, Coffee etc if you need any of these items you choose them and their added to the list. Also has a sort of 'google instant' type search.

    2. If your travelling the app will alert you to any upcoming garages, motorway stops etc.

    3. If out of area and you need milk, type milk into the search and it will find any supermarkets, convieniance stores in the area, listing closest first or scrapping that and just a function to search for supermarkets or convieniance stores in the local area (not sure which to go with)

    What I need help with is a name (currently I'm going with what about?)
    How much would it cost to make this app if I outsourced?
    Anymore functionality I can add?
    And if you guys think it is a viable idea!

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


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