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    Long ago I invented a novel board game about the player's own personality and I am very interested to see what the App Community makes of such an unusual game. It happened because I was in an encounter group where the everyone focused on the interaction process and that made me invent a game where human interaction is the main source of fun, along with a competitive angle of course. The idea of making a board into a map of the personality was so novel that I was granted a rare patent. In 2010 a friend suggested I made it into an iPad app game and it app...eared about 2 weeks ago as Persuasion-game on Applestorefor $0.99.
    Players mark the board where they think it shows their personality and that is their target. They can be Tough vs Tender, Stable vs Changeful and Head vs Heart (Intellectual vs Emotional/Physical). They get lots of intriguing questions about character to see if they give the answers that lead to target. They can play a truth game and give honest answers or they can experiment with different personalities and try to adjust their answers. I hope people will try it and let me know what they think of it. Best. Andy Sutton

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