UK Authorities Consider Investigating New iPad Advertising

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    Following on from action taken by Australian advertising regulators regarding Apple’s advertising of the new iPad’s LTE capabilities, the result of which was a change in Apple’s marketing blurb for the new iPad in Australia and an offer of compensation for those affected, UK ad authorities are also now considering the matter. According to a report on AppleInsider, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is currently looking into complaints that it has received from consumers in the UK who consider that they have been misled by Apple’s marketing material for the new iPad in the UK. The Financial Times writes that the ASA has already had 24 filings on the matter, which it may use as the basis of an investigation. The complaints have arisen because in the UK, as in Australia, the new iPad is unable to take advantage of the LTE capabilities of certain models, because those networks are not yet available in the UK, yet Apple’s marketing on its own website did not initially make this explicitly clear, in the view of the complainants. AppleInsider notes that mobile carriers in the UK are no longer using advertising from Apple that refers to the 4G LTE capabilities of the new iPad, and Apple has also apparently made changes to the blurb on its UK website in the past few days.

    Source: UK ad authority moves closer to '4G' iPad investigation

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