UK Advertising Authority to Investigate Apple’s New iPad Adverts

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    This is one story that has been rumbling away for quite some time and refuses to die down, with the BBC reporting today that following weeks of speculation, the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has widened its investigation into Apple’s U.K. advertising of the newest version of the iPad. The BBC says that it has learned that the ASA is concerned that Apple has not done enough to comply with a recent agreement to change its marketing claims for the latest iPad, specifically in regard to its 4G capabilities. This is because, to recap on this long-running story, the UK does not yet have 4G coverage, and even when it does, the new iPad will not be compatible with it. Apparently the ASA has received “dozens†of complaints about Apple’s advertising, and following discussions with Apple on the matter, thought that the issue was resolved, but since then more complaints have come in, hence the now-widened investigation. The BBC reports the contents of a letter that was sent to a concerned member of the public by the ASA, which said Apple “have advised us that no further reference to the 4G capabilities of the iPad will be made on their UK website.†However, as the BBC report notes, Apple’s UK site is still mentioning “wi-fi + 4G†versions of the new iPad, so the ASA will now investigate the new complaints. Meanwhile, Apple gave its usual “no comment†response to the BBC, but a source inside Apple told the BBC that no such assurance was given to the ASA by Apple that it would remove all references to 4G from the U.K. website.

    Source: BBC News - iPad '4G' claims face scrutiny from UK regulator
    Via AppleInsider

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