Uber Ride-sharing Service Gets Updated With Some Useful New Features for Mobile Devices

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    Uber connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services, with the app being downloaded by millions of mobile across the world. Now, the application gets a bunch of useful new additions to its mobile features, aimed at both drivers and users.

    Uber customers can now add a desired destination into the free rider app that the driver will see at pick-up time. Also, if you’re a driver using Uber to find customers, the Uber’s driver app will now support turn-by-turn navigation for the destination customers have provided in the rider app. Here's the official description of the two big new features:

    • Destination entry in the rider app. With this update, we’ve made it quick and easy to enter your destination into the rider app, and the driver automatically sees what you’ve entered at pick-up time. You can literally skip the step where you tell the driver where you’re going.
    • Turn-by-turn navigation in the driver app. With one tap, the driver can enable turn-by-turn navigation to the destination you’ve provided. There’s no need to juggle multiple apps or waste time typing in an address.

    Speaking of these features, Uber said the following on its official blog:

    "We envision a day when there is no coordination necessary to take an Uber ride. Simply push the button, and the rest is essentially on cruise control: the car quickly shows up at exactly the right place and whisks you away to your destination via the best possible route. The latest rider and driver app releases take us one step closer to that world with two new features:

    Together, these features provide a seamless end-to-end ride experience that saves otherwise wasted time for both riders and drivers. For drivers, that means Uber is more lucrative: saving time on trips means more trips per hour."

    Albeit created with iPhones in mind, the app will work on your iPad, as well. Let's hope that a future update will bring a standalone app for iPad users, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Source: Uber

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