Two Brilliant New iPad 2 Spoof Videos To Watch While You’re Waiting for iPad 2!

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    TUAW has unearthed two really funny videos about the forthcoming iPad 2. The first one, called Giant iPad2 Attacks, shows exactly that, a giant iPad 2, with the eye of creepy computer HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, raining down vengeance from above. The video, which was created by Evan Larimore, really is very funny and inventive, and extremely well executed. The second video is called iPad 2 Review - Hands On, and bears the exclusive news that the new iPad2 will be 27 inches! Created by Exkild, the video has had over a million views since it was uploaded on February 16, and features Exkild going over the brand new features of the 27-inch iPad 2, which include the ability to edit your pictures by voice command, a new iTunes which automatically downloads good music and deletes bad music, and much more besides. Check both of them out, they really are hilarious and so clever!

    Source: TUAW The silly season: Two fun, fan-made videos of the iPad 2

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