Twitter Study Finds iPhone, iPad to be Among the Most Wanted Christmas Tech Gifts

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    During Apple’s latest quarterly conference call, Tim Cook said the following: “it’s going to be an iPad Christmas.†And if we look at how many iPad and iPhone sales incentives there have been lately, it’s obvious that plenty of consumers are seeing the iPad or the iPhone as the perfect Christmas gift. Not to mention the fact that many are looking to make the upgrade to the latest iPhone and iPad versions.

    According to a new report released by analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, who studied more than 25,000 tweets, Apple’s iPad and iPhone are among the most desired tech items for this holiday. The analyst and his team have scanned more than 25,000 tweets that contained a reference to @Santa or the #WishList hashtag. According to the Twitter profile descriptions, 29.9 percent of the tweeter pool was between 14 and 17 years old, 34.5 percent between 18 and 21, 21.8 between 22 and 25, 9.2 percent between 26 and 29, and just 4.5 percent over the age of 30.

    The iPhone was found to be the most popular desired tech gift, being present in 0.49 percent of the studied tweets. Next, we find Sony’s PlayStation 4, with 0.34 percent and the iPad lands on the third place with 0.33%. We also find the MacBook on the fifth place and the iPod that many claim to be nearing its death, on the seventh place.

    Of course, this study comprises a limited number of netizens and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it’s a sign of where the market is going and it seems that it is going to snow with iPhones and iPads this holiday season.

    Source: Barrons, iPhoneForums

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