Tutorial: Boot Live Linux using an iPad

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    YUp, you've heard that right, I've managed to run Ubuntu using my iPad as an USB Drive.

    CAUTION: I'm not responsible for your iPads if they kernel panic, explode, etc. Use this on your own risk. This is an advanced for seriously advanced users tutorial, if any members could make a better tutorial, that would be nice, just credit me, because I suck at writing tutorials.

    I can only give a Mac tutorial since I only have a Mac.

    You need: An iPad (Jailbroken), A PC (or some Macs with rEFInd/rEFIt), UnetBootin.

    This was tested on an iPad 1,1 iOS5.01 Jailbroken.

    1. Open your iPad and add this source to Cydia apt.dmytro.me
    2. Find USB Drive and install it.
    3. Now open up the app and read the help, you'll need to know this.
    4. Create a new drive and specify your GB.
    5. Now select "Drive Only", which will reboot the iPad.
    6. Connect the iPad to a Mac, I think Linux might also work.
    7. Open up Disk Utility.
    8. Click on the USB drive and select Partition.
    9. Select "options" and select MBR.
    10. Now partition it with one FAT32 partition.
    11. Download and run Unetbootin, use google to get it.
    12, run Unetbootin, and select Ubuntu as your distro, I haven't tested any other distros.
    13 . Now select the correct USB Drive, if it's the only one on your Mac it should come out as "disk1".

    If you're on a Mac, install rEFIt or rEFInd, then restart the Mac a couple of times. Now you should start your Mac, load up rEFIt/rEFInd and select Linux.
    If you're on a PC, you should boot up Linux the same way as using any other USB Drive.

    Next up is installing OSX

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