Turtle Rock: Free iOS Games That Donates to Charity Each Time You Play

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    It's not often that we get to enjoy one of our favorite past-times while also helping out with important charities at the same time, but that's precisely what the new game Turtle Rock aims to do. Two budding developers who created this game are originally from disparate areas of the world, but from similar backgrounds in life. They have teamed up for an intriguing new start-up aimed to create "a systematic business model that helps fund selected charities."

    Ninh Thuận grew up in one of the poorest provinces in South Vietnam, while Arsen Nikiforouk came from the rural village of Illintsi, Ukraine. Neither are strangers to the harsh realities of life in poverty. Rather than just "bemoan the fates," they decided to do something about it. They both used scholarships and business internships to study at Philadelphia's Drexel University where they met, and now they are developing their first project to jump-start their idea.

    Turtle Rock is a basic iOS game which collects charity funds from advertisements and player's achievements. Here's a quote with more of the details,

    To check out this free game, hit up the source link below.

    Source: iTunes
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    Omg that's awesome! Btw, I think it's "Huy Dang" instead of "Ninh Thuận", and the other developer's name is fine. Great article, do you think they will be the next big thing?


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