Trouble connecting to itunes, please help!

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by NavorJT, Jun 15, 2015.

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    So long story, I bought an iPad 2 several years ago, alas the screen cracked and over time I lost use of parts of the screen. At some point I decided to update the OS, so it went through the update process but due to not being able to use certain sections of the screen I was unable to unlock the iPad. That was when decided to fix the screen. So I sent it in and it came back to me shortly good as new, except I could not log in as this was on the screen "iPad is disabled, try again...IN 97,977 MINUTES!!!" Oh goodness me! Being the idiot I was during the time that I was unable to unlock it I would sometimes in futile desperation attempt to unlock it in denial of it's condition amassing in this massive amount of time. So I decided to recover it as I had once or twice in the past.
    So I try to put it into recovery mode by unhooking it to a cord then holding down the sleep button until it powers down. Then I connected it while holding down the home button. But alas this came on screen "iTunes could not connect to Navor's iPad because it is locked with a passode. You must enter the passcode on the iPad before it can be used on iTunes" So I click try again and repeat the process several times. Eventually I try several other methods I heard about but all to no avail. Please help me! I don't want to wait 60 days for my iPad to be ready.
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    If you use Find my iPad, you can use iCloud to erase it. You'll have to do this on a computer.

    Go to, and login there. Click "All Devices", then select your iPad. Choose "Erase ..(name of device)..".
    This should remove the passcode as well. You'll be able to set up your device as new, or restore from a backup afterwards.

    Hope that helps.

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