Transforming Dreams to Reality with Ducati and iPad

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    Ducati does business in 88 countries across the globe. This presents them with a huge problem that anyone who has tried to develop a brand name has run into. Ducati turned to technology to address their communication and logistical hurdles: the Apple iPad. With the Apple app store and the use of iPad's in all of their stores, departments, and high level offices, Ducati Worldwide has streamlined their inter-office communication to one place.

    Ducati stepped up to the plate to adopt the new technology with the iPad. They can gather all of the communication from the dealers, assembly plant, customer service, and every avenue of their brand into one place. Now, when a person anywhere along the supply chain wants to find out a bit of information on a particular bike, they do not have to wade through emails to track down the originator of the order. They can just log on to the Ducati Communication Sytem app from any one of the iPads around the office, and see exactly who has the bike and where it is in the process. Pretty snazzy... no more breakdowns in communication while tracking down the guy who knows the skinny on your bike.

    On the Customer Interaction front, the in-app Configurator will allow a sales rep to sit down with a buyer to completely customize the bike to their liking, and then submit the order directly to the factory with the touch of an on-screen icon. The iPad helps to bridge the gap between the dream of owning a Ducati and the reality of having the Italian metal and design in your stable. “You don’t buy a motorcycle every day,” Cristiano Silei, Vice President of Global Sales, notes. “So when someone comes to the dealership, it’s a very emotional and important moment. It’s crucial to understand how to choose the right motorcycle, and we do whatever we can to make the experience unforgettable. iPad helps us a lot with this, because it gives the future Ducati owner a richer experience.”

    As originally posted by NickJ over at the Ducati Forums.

    To read more about how Ducati uses the iPad to help make your dreams a reality, click here: Apple - iPad in Business - Profiles - Ducati

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