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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by frenchman96, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Hi Guys

    I think I have got my head around transferring files from PC to iPad, thanks to members here, now I have questions on same subject.

    1- I have installed PAGES to store my files, and am very pleased with the app.

    2- first thing I did was to transfer some docs to PAGES, and it works fine, except, when it refuses a file like XLS or rft, I open that file on PC, and save it to WORD which can be transferred to PAGES.

    3-then I did some music, and once again, the only place I knew to do a file share, was PAGES, which worked ok.

    4-so now when I go to transfer more things, the PAGE app is on left, and all my docs, and music tracks are exposed showing a very long list, is there a better way.

    5-and am I right in saying, when machines are connected, and I open ITunes on PC, and I see that list, if I deleted the list after the file transfer, would I be deleting them from my iPad.

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