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    Most discussions about App's are US based however I want to share with you a fantastic free App that is available on iTunes Australia site. Yes it is for the iPhone but let's face it a considerable number of members and visitors own iPhones.
    You also may ask why post it here, keep in mind we have many Australian members but also large numbers of Australian visitors not to mention many visitors that will be visiting Australia and maybe Melbourne throughout the year. I mean if Oprah can visit why can't you

    Finally it is an excellent example of custom applications that are being developed for specific requirements in this case public transport.

    I live in Queensland some 1900k from Melbourne. My partner and I decided to visit Melbourne and stay in the bay suburb St Kilda 6 kl from Melbourne this January.
    Melbourne is a city of some 4 million people and has a major tram network.
    Travelling on Trams it is one of the easiest methods of getting around it was our choice to use them as they are every where.
    I found a iPhone App called "Tram Tracker" which is available for free.
    This is without question one of the most amazing apps I have used while traveling. Every tram is equipped with GPS and the app takes advantage of it.

    Some features are:

    To find stops: Favourites, Browse by Route, Nearby, Search by name/suburb, Most Recent, Enter ID
    Scheduled Departures with exact times next and all trams due at your stop
    Onboard View - offers real time view of stops and times.
    Filtering based on route number and low floor trams
    Displays disruption and special event messages
    Low floor and air conditioning indicator
    Route-based stop lists on a built-in route map

    I can see other countries whom have trams looking at this application as it without question offers a simple and effective way to use transport in cities.
    Have a look at the links below.
    iPhone - Find out where your tram is by phone, iPhone, and online | Yarra Trams tramTRACKER®


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    Ooooh Tram de grande vitesse.....

    "Once upon a time, but not very long ago, deep in the Australian bush lived two possums......"

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