Total Carry-Case Frustration

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    Please allow a short rant...I have the IPad Air 2 in a Gumdrop case (Very close in size to the Otterbox; Great case, by the way)...I am looking for a decent quality carrying bag in the vertical orientation (similar to the attached photo) so that I can quickly remove the IPad from the bag and quickly return it to the bag...There are lots of nice cases out there that would do the job for an un-cased IPad, but I have had to return several of them as they would not hold the IPad in it's larger protective case...I know you lose something and gain something by using a hunky style case, but it sure seems like there should be something out there designed for the larger cases...If anyone knows of a carry bag like I am describing, I would appreciate your assistance! Thanks a lot,


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    Try shopping for ultra-light laptop bags instead of iPad bags. The extra few inches should do the trick.

    I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions along that line. I did get a new pack recently, but settled on this Eurosport sling bag:

    I'm happy with it.

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