Toshiba Makes Fun of iPad's Lack of Flash On Its Tablet Teaser Site

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 22, 2011.

By Maura on Jan 22, 2011 at 2:27 PM
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    All Things Digital’s Mobilized blog has found a very sneaky message that Toshiba has placed on the teaser site for its forthcoming Android tablet. Try it yourself – point your iPad browser to Toshiba Tablet and you’ll see the following message mocking you in giant letters:

    Well that’s one way to really irk the competition, and possibly potential customers, certainly! And they really do seem to have a bee in their bonnet about the iPad at Toshiba, as All Things Digital points out that the web site (when you access it from the web, not your iPad, of course!) particularly emphasises all the features that it has that the iPad doesn’t have, including a replaceable battery, USB and HDMI ports, and front-and rear-facing cameras, although that could all change once the iPad 2 comes out of course!

    So, hands up who's planning to ditch their iPad and get a Toshiba tablet when it comes out, whenever that is. And however much it's going to cost? Just to get Flash.

    Source: Teaser Site for Toshiba Tablet Takes Swings at Apple's iPad | Ina Fried | Mobilized | AllThingsD


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 22, 2011.

    1. epb
      I visit a site called Surfthechannel to watch old tv episodes - on Thursday, some program claiming to be an anti-virus demo took my home pc down. A window popped up, wouldn't let me close it, and even after I shut down IE it kept going. I lost internet access, all my software refused to open, and the "demo" kept trying to install itself. Windows Firewall reported no problems, neither did a scan for a virus or malware. Great.

      I shut down my pc, rebooted and it started all over again. I rebooted again, this time into safe mode, went into msconfig and found the program - sort of. I pretty much removed every program I didn't specifically recognize. When I rebooted again, things were back to normal - the program wasn't running, and I could access the net again. My webcam has stopped working, and I somehow lost the onscreen prompts for brightness and volume control.

      Hurray for Flash. :mad:
    2. FunN4Lo
      No... Clicking on anti-virus demos too your pc down
    3. epb
      Do I LOOK like I'm from Mayberry, FunN4Lo? I didn't click on anything - a pop-up window showed up and went to town without me touching anything, and IE's supposed pop-up blocker was enabled. I don't open strange e-mails or click on pop-ups; I'd sooner lick the floor in a brothel.
    4. epb
      To expand, when a pop-up shows on my display, I CTRL+ALT+DLT to task manager and shut down the browser. Even clicking on the close buttons of such pop-ups is a bad idea, as the people that write them disguise that as the "accept" button.
    5. Thphilli
      LOL at using IE.
    6. andsoitgoes
      Seriously? IE isn't the devil.

      Firefox is buggy and a memory hog.

      Google chrome is hit and miss, and is doing extra shady crap removing html5 support.

      Opera is antiquated and leaves a lot to be desired.

      Safari on a PC.... Yeah, no.

      As much as IE isn't the best browser, it's far from the worse. I have no problems with it, and haven't for the last what, 12+ years I've been using it?

      As for the malware, I get that you know what you're doing, but I've been to the site you're talking about and I've never had virus problems. Ever.

      Most of this stuff requires some user confirmation to access your system, even if that means a hidden "cancel" button that hides a confirmation to screw with your system.

      Last, but not least, on iOS devices, system programs do not have root access and therefore do not have control to infect you with a virus.

      That doesn't mean that flash won't suck up every single percent of resource on a device which, well, it does. On almost every device. INCLUDING my quad core PC with 5 gigs of ram.

      I'm okay without flash. Now, convert this stuff to HTML 5 and that might be a huge change. I'd love to play kongregate games on my iPad, as well as a lot of kids based games, and it frustrates me that I can't, but I pick my battles.

      A rock solid, established system that has amazing resource control and stability is worth the bits that I lose.
    7. andsoitgoes
      Oh, and last thing. Shame? Shame on you, Toshiba, for using childish marketing tactics like this.

      I know apple has done similar things, but this is just stupid.
    8. hookbill
      Wow, I had a nice post all written out bashing the Toshiba tablet. Then I decided to actually look at the darn thing. 10.1 screen running Android Honeycomb. Looks nice, but you still have the inferior Market to deal with.
    9. Hasty
      Shame they have to use this approach as it will stand or fall on it's merits.

      Let's wait and see what the weight, price and battery life is.
      You can get anything to run on a tablet, it's the choice of tradeoff's that's important.

      @epb.....we've all been there. Worse was the recent update to my antivirus which trashed win7.....Hurrah for the mac and the iPads

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