Top Dell Executive Casts Doubt on iPad’s Role in the Enterprise Market

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 30, 2011.

By Maura on Mar 30, 2011 at 3:35 PM
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    Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprises and public organisations, Andy Lark, has been quoted by CIO Australia as being rather pessimistic about the iPad's chances in the enterprise market.

    Lark added that he believed that Dell would succeed where Apple would eventually fail because Dell had always taken the enterprise market into consideration when designing tablet PCs, whereas Apple was more focused on marketing the iPad as a consumer device. He also talked about the expense of buying an iPad with all its peripherals, including “a mouse.†Someone had better tell him that the iPad has a touch screen! Are there any iPad user out there who use a mouse with their iPad?!

    These quotes seem to fly in the face of consistent reports from many different sources ever since the iPad was launched indicating that it had been very quickly adopted by the enterprise market, even quicker than the iPhone had been, in fact. Also many of the tablets that have been launched since the iPad have actually been more expensive than Apple’s tablet, so it seems that his argument may be a little shakey on both points.

    Source: Apple iPad will fail in the enterprise: Dell - steve jobs, iPad, Dell Streak, dell, consumerisation of IT, apple ipad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs - CIO
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 30, 2011.

    1. DontUnderstandMyIpad
      If affordable tables will win. Doesn't that mean that the iPad has an even greater advantage with iPad 1's now selling for as low as 300.
    2. Hasty
      Curious how quickly management and corporate culture reduces the awareness of people who were initially knowledgable. Staffers will always tell you what you want to hear, not what you should know........
      Doesn't bode well for Dell's future if it's senior management is so ignorant.

      Interesting also that that senior exec of Microsoft was also regarding tablets as ephemeral. He at least envisioned smart phones evolving into personal computers.
    3. jakeLowe
      Oh give me a break. Like a Dell guy will glorify iPad.

      It's like pepsi CEO commenting on cocola.
    4. Hasty
      No one asked him to "glorify" lol.
      He could just as easily kept his mouth shut, but what senior management ever does?
    5. tzimisce
      But didn't you read one of the senior VPs from Samsung admitting that they had to go back to the drawing board with their tablet in the face of iPad's dominance?

      The problem with Mr Lark's statements is that he's gotten his facts dead wrong: a mouse with an iPad? Total cost of $1600 with accessories? In which parallel universe?
    6. dvmweb
      That's just yakkity yak! Doesn't matter what he thinks, because , he obviously does'nt get "it". You can't explain cool.
    7. Nunesjomarie
      Dell's quality and customer service has gone downhill in a hand basket. My Dell laptop was a huge disappointment, AND fell apart. My next laptop will be apple since becoming an iPad addict.
    8. tzimisce
      My company uses Dell desktops (exactly the 'enterprise market' Mr Lark was speaking of) and the only good thing about them is that they're cheap. I should add they're being phased out right now and replaced by Lenovo hardware.
    9. Good karma
      Good karma
      What ipad mouse is mr lark talking about? I go to apple stores regularly, and i have not seen any mouse for ipads in the acessory section. Executives like mr lark needs to stop larking around make such foolish statements. God how embarassing :D

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