To give Credit Where It's Due - ZAGGmate (Despite Poor Delivery Service)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories for iPAD 1, 2 and 3' started by LightSaber, Jun 26, 2011.

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    My ZAGGmate Keyboard (for iPad 2) arrived a few days ago at last. Despite my huge gripe with their service (international, as I'm in Hong Kong) and the way they answer their emails, the product is awesome.

    First off, they didn't give me the 'last generation' product, they gave me a 'new generation' product, so new that I don't even see this product on the Internet when I looked.

    Inverted 'T' to start with, next: no more thin and dodgy plasticky easel behind the iPad, there're now spaces between keys on the keyboard and feel more like an Apple keyboard (keys on hard metal backing) than a Logitech keyboard when you type, which to me is most welcome (as I was worried that it would feel like a Logitech keyboard before I ordered the product). There're some other changes, but to me, the others are unimportant and overall I feel this is an improvement over the advertised product and therefore am convinced this is a second generation product although I don't find a mention on the Internet.

    If only the delivery of the product to me was smoother and I didn't have to wait for almost month and a half for it. My only suggestion to ZAGG is that they should have a customer service to match that of Apple's because afterall they're selling a product to complement an Apple product.

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    Based on what I saw on a big name Android device (I can't remember which), I would like to see the ZaggMate with an SD card slot and USB port.

    If it allowed the iPad to connect, via WiFi, to to devices plugged in as SMB shares, applications such as FileBrowser could access them.

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