Tim Cook Says Apple’s Sapphire Facility is for a “Secret Projectâ€

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    Back in November, last year, we were reporting that Apple was getting ready to build a sapphire plant in Arizona. During a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal publication, cited by iWatchMag, Tim Cook confirmed that the facility in Arizona will indeed focus on building sapphire displays and said that the production is intended for a “secret projectâ€.

    Tim Cook was asked about Apple’s U.S. manufacturing efforts and, as expected, Cook did not disclose too much information, but said that Apple is working on “extensions of what we’re already doing†and also “things you can’t seeâ€. He once more highlighted that secrecy is important because Apple is “getting ripped off left, right and sideways†by its competition. From what we’ve already seen, Apple hasn’t managed to keep too secret its latest iPhones and iPads, as they have been leaked almost entirely well before the launch events.

    Of course, the first thought that arrives when thinking of a “secret project†is the iWatch, since everybody already knows that there will be a next version of the iPhone and the iPad. But as Apple routinely denies any future plans, it could be for the sixth-generation iPhone, as well. One of our previous reports was suggesting that Apple’s Sapphire plant could produce as many as 100 Million 5-inch iPhone displays per year while another one hinted that the sapphire screen could actually be used for the iWatch. So, what’s your take on this? What will Apple’s next “secret project†be?

    Source: iWatchMag
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    What is really interesting is now Apple's competitors are implementing designs that people imagine Apple will release -- one day. Talk about a sideways rip off. "Toss something out there so we can say we did it first and not Apple. Apple will be ripping us off!" :)

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