The Xbox One SmartGlass iOS App is now available for download

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    The Xbox One gaming console is getting released at midnight, but the official Xbox One SmartGlass companion app has already been launched yesterday by Microsoft. To make sure it satisfies everybody, Microsoft has released the SmartGlass Xbox One app for Android, iOS and Windows 8 users.

    The SmartGlass app brings remote control and other interactive features to the iOS platform and will let users navigate the Xbox One menu system with touch gestures. The previous SmartGlass apps were used to track the progress of your gamer buddies against your own achievements and surf the Web, but the new SmartGlass app can do much more than just that.

    You will be able to search for and pin content to your dashboard and navigate with an onscreen keyboard and control your media and set top box with the SmartGlass remote control. Follow the link from below to download the Xbox One SmartGlass iOS App if you plan on buying the Xbox One gaming console.

    Source: MacRumors, Windows Report
    Source 2: Xbox One SmartGlass from AppStore
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