The top 200 apps in the iOS App Store make $18 million per day

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    According to a recent report from analytics firm Distimo, discovered by AppleInsider, the top 200 applications in the iOS App Store manage to rake in revenues of $18 million on a typical day, which means that a top app gets an average of $90,000 per day. Distimo has also analyzed the Google Play Store and found the top 200 Android to book just $12 million per day, $6 million less than the iOS counterparts.

    The jump from last year’s number for the top Android apps, however, is quite big, with this year’s revenue numbers being up by $8.5 million. The top iOS apps are up only by $3 million, so if the trend keeps going like this, then soon the top Android apps will match and even surpass the revenue amounts of the iOS ones. Shane Cole from AppleInsider observes that developers are switching from the “paid apps†model to the “freemium†one, where users can get the app for free but can choose to enhance their experience with in-app purchases.

    When it comes to the overall revenue distribution between Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play store, it seems that Apple still has an undisputable lead here, having 70 percent of the revenues. Google owns only a 30 percent share of the revenues generated by the mobile app marketplace.

    Source: AppleInsider, iPhoneForums

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