The standalone iPad could be America's 11th tech company

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    Apple’s iPad has become tremendously popular amongst consumers everywhere and we’re not just talking about the general public. Governmental companies and private companies as well, have recently started joining the iPad bandwagon, so they have actively been purchasing large numbers of it. But how big is Apple’s iPad, really?

    According to a recent report posted by Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi, the tablet might as well go into business by itself. If Cupertino would suddenly decide to separate and create a standalone iPad branch, the tablet would be very well off. In fact, it would do so well, it would immediately become the 11th largest tech company present on the US market today.

    Sacconaghi based his theory on the concrete numbers posted by the tech giant last year. In 2012, Apple cashed in $32 billion just because of tablet. More than that, the iPad owns 60% of the total global tablet market. Business is expected to grow for Apple in 2013, when the company is predicted to make an extra $14 billion and to snatch 15% more of the global market. Judging by these estimates, Sacconaghi conceded it was safe to assume that the iPad would easily make it to the 11th spot in the tech companies’ top.

    More than that, Sacconaghi states that Apple’s tablet could easily make it to the 98th position in the Fortune 500 top. More amazingly, the iPad sector makes more than Gap ($14.5 billion) and Toy “R†US ($13.9 billion) combined!

    Nevertheless, the report is not all peachy. The analyst predicts that by 2015, the tablet market would become superfluous, so the growth will cease.

    Source: Fortune CNN

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    Cool then they can replace employees with apps :D

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