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The Mormon Church Will Issue 32,000 iPad Minis to its Missionaries by 2015

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 4, 2014.

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    The Mormon church said it's planning to issue 32,000 iPad Mini devices to its missionaries by early 2015, according to ABC News reports. Thus, about 36% of active Mormon missionaries throughout the world will be given a shiny iPad Mini.

    The 32,000 iPads will be deployed in the United States, in Canada, parts of Europe, and Japan by the beginning of next year. However, it seems that missionaries in developed countries will have to bear the $399 cost of the device and those who can’t afford it, will receive help from the church.

    David F. Evans, director of the church's missionary department, said that using the iPad minis has proved an effective tool for missionaries to communicate with church leaders and with those who want to join the Mormon church.

    "We know in many parts of the world, the traditional forms of proselyting work very, very well. In some other places where technology and urban life has developed in such a way that missionaries have a harder time contacting people, we hope that these tools become even more valuable in those places."

    Each iPad Mini will come pre-loaded with magazines, Bible apps, and other tools to aid in their ministry.

    Source: ABC News

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