The JOBS movie will be released on the 16th of August

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    So far, the film industry has failed in providing a detailed portrayal of the life and works of the former Apple CEO and visionary Steve Jobs. But hold on tight, because this is not going to be the case for long.

    „Jobs†has been announced for some time now and movie fans have been waiting for its appearance since four months ago, but the production was somehow delayed. Rumors have suggested that the producers of the documentary movie wanted to spark a buzz and draw attention to their film. Well, it worked. Keeping aside such details, we now have an official and fix launch date which has been set for the 16th of August.​​

    „Jobs†is the story of young college drop out Steve and details the events which lead to the founding of one of the world’s greatest tech companies – Apple INC. Playing Steve Jobs is Asthon Kutcher and Josh Gad steps in as his partner Steve Wozniak.

    The film has already been screened to a selected audience and has received mixed reviews so far. Even co-founder Steve Wozniak had a say, feeling that the movie over-dramatizes some bits and pieces of what happened in Apple’s infancy.

    And if until now, we tech fans, had no movies that covered the Apple topic to delight ourselves with, it appears that another autobiographical film is in the make. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is also working to bring to the big screen the life of the former CEO in a motion picture entitled simply „Steve Jobsâ€.

    Source: Deadline

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    I so want to see this!
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    I really thank Steve Jobs for making the iPad

    I really thank Steve Jobs for making the iPad. It did change my life as a student. With my iPad all of my projects and other school stuffs are just one swipe away...and also I thank Touchfire for making iPad even better. With their lightest and thinnest iPad keyboard I can now type on my iPad with the highest accuracy. Making everything perfect.

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