The iPad is becoming the preferred method for e-commerce shopping

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    We have been accustomed to seeing the iPad infiltrating more and more fields of human activity, so it should be no wonder that Apple's tablet has become a favorite device when it comes to online shopping. Online marketing technology company Monetate, has just released some information according to which, the iPad has become the preferred device to purchase online with, to the disadvantage of laptops and desktop computers.

    The results posted by Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly report have prompted retailers to start thinking of new strategies in order to attract the eyes of the iPad users. According to the data, regular desktop and laptop traffic dropped from 92.33% to 81.60%, when compared to the same time of last year. Tablets, however, received a considerable boost in numbers, rising from 3.16% in 2011 to 8.37% in 2012. Smartphones didn’t fare out that bad either, as their percents increased as well, with 5.48% to 10.03%. Monetate Chief Marketing Officer Kurt Heinemann thinks things will not stop here and will continue to escalate in favor of the tablets:

    “I truly believe that the tablet is best used as an ‘in-house’ mobile device — it’s a replacement for the desktop or the laptop. The mobile device is really that second screen experience; it’s really married to [a user's] media experience in a different way than the desktop.â€

    Monetate also provided a tablet top. Apple’s iPad managed to snatch 88.94% of all orders purchased via tablets while Android devices accounted for 6.34%. The Kindle Fire made it to the top three as well with 4.71%.

    Source: AppleInsider

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