The iPad is becoming an important gadget in the Fashion industry

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    Recently, we posted an article which showcased the immense capabilities the iPad holds in helping improve innovation processes in every field. We gave the example of a brain damaged patient that lost his ability to speak, but recently managed to communicate for the first time in twenty years with the help of the iPad.

    Today we’re having something a little less dramatic, but the core of the story is still provided by the iPad. According to a new report from The Telegraph, fashion industry sources have made a point in highlighting the fact that the Cupertino tablet has become one of the most important means by which people g​​
    et their fashion dose daily.

    A few years ago, models had to do their best to look good in pictures which were then displayed on desktop computers but that’s not the case anymore. Clients present at the photoshoots can now be expected to make judgments and decisions based on the pictures that are immediately forwarded to their tablets or smartphones. At least according to photographer Uzo Oleh:

    "More people make decisions based on pictures and websites seen from their iPhones or iPads."

    And not only clients and photographers enjoy working with the latest of technology. But designers, as well. For example, most of them might use cutting edge apps such as Paper by FiftyThree to produce their sketches, for example. Fashion editors as well, have taken up the Fashion GPS app to manage logistics and more.

    Source: Telegraph


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