The iPad has a major role in London’s business activities

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    If you happen to be in London and you suddenly get the urge to grab a bite, don’t be surprised if your waiter has turned into a shiny iPad – giving you the menu, taking your orders and even providing some fun, if you are having dinner alone.

    And that’s not the whole story. Apparently, the iPad has become extremely popular in almost any business located in the British capital. The Evening Standard mentions that the Apple tablet is commonly used in the health industry, which let’s face it, is not really a shock. Doctors, nurses and surgeons have gladly picked up the habit of using the Apple tablet to look at scans, view medical histories or just pay virtual house calls. The iPad is also popular in London based schools, entertainment establishments and the hotel industry.

    But some other more uncommon places have accommodated the iPad into their ranks. The Westminster council is going to spend 3.25 million pounds to purchase smart streetlights, in order to save up the money of the tax payers. Where does the iPad fit into this story, you might wonder? Well, the lights are going to be monitored by engineers on iPads. So, in case something goes amiss with the installations or some light bulbs give out, the technicians are going to receive a super fast notification of the problem via their Apple devices.

    The iPad has been spotted aiding businesses in other big cities across the world and we’re pretty sure it’s going to make its way to the smaller ones as well.

    Source: TUAW

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    Yes. I went to such a restaurant at the Toronto airport. I sat at a counter, ordered via a iPad, then proceeded to read the new on the interest and then my food arrived. Strange the first time not to be welcomed by a waiter. But at least a real person delivered the food, not a robot.

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