The iPad, growing extremely popular with the K12 market

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    As Apple was holding its Q2 2012 results everybody was expecting some pretty interesting numbers to come up. And they did. Chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer made sure of that as he revealed massive figures and new records set by products such as the iPhone, the iPad or Mac.

    He also commented on an interesting little detail. Apparently schools want to get in sync with the new technological advancements and they are turning to Apple, of course. Oppenheimer stated that the San Diego school district alone purchased 10,000 iPads during this quarter. Teachers and headmasters are just getting a taste of the iPad and what it could mean for education and classroom work. Thus the district is already planning to supplement the existing numbers with another 15,000 additional units.

    "iPad continues to open doors for new customers with whom Apple previously had no relationship. As we enter the K-12 institution buying season, we're hopeful that iPad will be a popular choice."

    That’s a pretty valid statement especially considering the fact that the iPad has managed to infiltrate itself in environments that were thought to be obsolete for “recreational” devices such as the tablets. Not only did the iPad become a useful educational tool, but it has managed to spread its dominion into the health department and more recently the US Air Force. As strange as it might sound to some, the US Army is also planning to use the devices as electronic flight bags.

    Oppenheimer also presented the example of the construction firm Bechtel and Balfour Beatty, that has been successfully using the iPads to view blueprints and in the project management field. Apparently, the iPad could go anywhere!

    by Radu

    Source: Apple's US K12 customers snapped up two iPads for every Mac this quarter

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