The iPad experiences an all time low, only 35% of global market

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    The all-time successful iPad story apparently has come to an abrupt end, as new numbers were revealed in a study done by display research division WitsView.

    As we have seen previously, Apple recently had to make some inventory adjustments in the iPad s​​ector. The last fully-fledged tablet was released back in 2012, with no further updates yet. In fact, iPad shipments in the June quarter were down to 14.6 million units from 19.5 million, which constitutes a 25.1% decrease.

    Now, the WitsView study puts things in a global perspective. Apple currently owns only 35.5% of the global tablet shipment market. Things are probably going to be gloomy from now on, at least in the upcoming quarter. With the next generation iPad coming as late as the end of Q4, Apple’s shipments will probably be cannibalized by cheaper (Android?) models.

    What about Cupertino’s competitors, you might wonder? The most important one, Samsung, did pretty well for itself and managed to experience some growth climbing from 20.2% to 21.5%. Things might have been pushed ahead because the tech giant just launched a brand new 8-inch tablet. Amazon and Google on the other hand, did not see much of a growth. Amazon managed to ship just 1.1 million while Google just 0.9 million.

    With all this, the firm expects to see growth in the third quarter and places the total sum of global shipments to 49.6 million units.

    Source: Zdnet
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 25, 2013.

    1. Brontesmith
      the firm is getting a sturdy competition from various other contenders into the same segment the firm deals in .. perhaps lack of new ideas is causing to happen so
    2. s2mikey
      It's that and the fact that you do eventually get a little market saturation. I'm not an apple fanboy at all but I do prefer their tablets versus others. However, even I'm not sure what ill get to replace my iPad 2 down the road. The new Sony Xperia Z is an awesome product and has my attention. We shall see. Competition is good for US and that's what I care about. ;)
    3. neenaiphone
      It has been a long time since apple has launched any product and yes there are several high end tablets available in the market currently which run faster and better than iPad market will go down until they make an update.

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