The iPad Air is the world’s first global mass-market mobile device

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    What most of us know about the iPad Air when compared to the previous generation is that it is much lighter, much faster and comes with a more appealing design. But there are other improvements that haven’t been talked about, such as the role of the dual-microphone. Another little known feature of the iPad Air is one that is going to please especially travelers.

    Jonathan S. Geller with BoyGeniusReport shares the following:

    So, with the iPad Air, the single thing that is carrier-specific is the SIM card. If you’re travelling or you want to switch to another carrier or just swap SIM cards - all that is now possible. Your iPad Air will configure itself and let you use it with whatever carrier you desire, and not only in the United States.

    You will be able to carry a single cellular iPad almost anywhere in the world where LTE is offered. Now, isn’t this yet another reason to make the upgrade to the iPad Air?

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is the ipad air a global device?